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  "Dear hello TAXI customers"  
  Welcome to our official hello TAXI web site. Our company was found on July 1st, 2004 and successfully started in business on Bratislava market. It already disposes with the biggest car pool, which means the highest possibility of order fulfillment from any location in Bratislava and surroundings. It is also characterized by constant and favourable prices (for telephonic orders with 50% discount and with price 0.491 €/km – 14.80 Sk/km) Conversion rate 1 € = 30,126 Sk.

Our dispatching disposes of:
  • • Modern call centre with 12 GSM gates connected with PC for the highest chance to get through
    it means that every customer is after his first call automatically included in the database, what will speed up the processing of the order. Our “ring through" service works on the same basis. It practically means, that customer only ring through and we are calling back as soon as possible. This saves customer's money. At the time of higher frequency of orders, we ask our customers for more patience until they get replied. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
  • • Customers can also use a Green number, which is toll free (only from a landline) - 0800 116 321.
  • • Authorized navigation system helloTEC with SIM cards in each car, cooperating with a digital map program at dispatching. For the fastest possibility of submitting of the highest amount of telephonic orders for each car and therefore the highest chance to get through for the customers.
  • • 18 official standpoints with 27 parking boxes for the shortest car distance to the closest standpoint and for the fastest car arrival for the telephonic order.

Any comments, complaints or suggestions regarding the improvement of our services may be consulted on the line for requests and complaints with the phone number 0908 591 827. When the problem occurs, it is in the interest of the customer, to request the confirmation on payment, to note exact time and the path of the transport – hello TAXI is a taxi service, which tries to solve the problems as soon as possible.

We wish you all the best, good luck, good health and lot of success, your taxi service.

Martin Lupták


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Office hours:
Monday - Friday
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